Would You Like to Have a Gaytime?

…my friend Jonathan asked me one hot February day in Sydney. With the tone of his voice, of course I knew there was a pun in there somewhere. “Okay!” I replied.

He took the gang to a convenience store and treated me to a Golden Gaytime ice cream bar. This frozen treat has a toffee-and-vanilla ice cream center dipped in milk chocolate coating and crunchy biscuit pieces. Jonathan was right; it’s delicious!

Some people say a Golden Gaytime bar is just as iconic to Australians as Tim Tams and Vegemite, but I’ve never heard about it until that day. It wasn’t part of any cliché must-eat-in-Australia list I’ve googled. I’ll take this cheap thrill anytime over the Vegemite, an acquired taste I’ve never acquired.

photo from facebook.com/gaytime