Chocolate: The New Caffeine

As a caffeineaholic, I always look forward to exploring the café culture of the new cities I travel to. During my first visit to Australia, I found out that Sydney’s cafés aren’t just devoted to designer espressos and lattes. There is a growing chocolate café culture that ranges from renowned international chocolatiers to local chocolate connoisseurs.

Coffee took the backseat in my list of café priorities for two weeks in February. Everyday I would sample chocolate drinks and confectioneries from Sydney’s various cafés. Here, my top three chocolate cafés:

Chocolateria San Churro

I thought I died and went to chocolate heaven. From their bestselling Spanish-style churros (Spanish doughnuts) to chocolate-dipped fruits and truffles, San Churro’s ancient European chocolate culture makes a divine dessert experience. It also doesn’t hurt to melt the chocolate in front of the customers.

View their list of locations here.

Lindt Chocolat Café

Their ice creams, cakes, delices (macarons if you’re French), and chocolate drinks are made from—you guessed it—Lindt chocolate from Switzerland. Purchasing retail Lindt chocolates at the groceries is a completely different experience, so a visit to their café is a must. Mouth-watering would be an understatement to describe Lindt’s plated desserts.

View their list of locations here.

The Boon Terrace Lounge

This is what happens when a microbiologist decides to put up a chocolate shop. Boon owner Fanny Chan pays attention to every detail of her chocolates, from the praline designs to the plating of the desserts. Everything is handmade, and some look too good to eat.

Location: 251 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst