Mission: Apple Napple

“Don’t get me any souvenirs; just buy me an Apple Napple,” my boyfriend told me before I flew to Hawaii on October 21. He spent many summers of his life in Hawaii, so I’m sure he didn’t want any Hawaiian shirts or macadamia nuts.

After a day of shopping at Ala Moana Mall in Waikiki, I made my last stop at Napoleon’s Bakery. The Apple Napples cost US$1.40 each. “This is it?” I asked myself. “I came all the way for this?”

“How long can I keep them in the fridge?” I asked the server. “I’m giving them to my boyfriend next week when I get back to the Philippines. They’re his favorite.” She told me they last for only two to three days upon purchase, so she suggested that I bring home the fresh frozen ones. I just had to keep them in the freezer and bake them on my own when I get home.

“Okay, I’ll take half a dozen.”

Apple Napple

I’m back in my motherland. Today I asked my sister, a pastry chef, to bake them in her oven. For the finishing touch, she drizzled sugar glaze on them and we finally sampled the famous Apple Napples. I bit into the buttery, flaky puff pastry until I got to the sweet apple filling. To sooth my Waikiki hangover, I paired it with a mug of freshly brewed Hawaiian coffee.

I guess all the fuss about packing a box of frozen pastries into my carry-on luggage and flying it home was worth it.