Hot For Spicy Jambalaya

Whenever people travel, there’s that one restaurant or bar in the neighborhood that you would frequent. It’s as if you’ve become a townie who’s marked your regular joint. You even order “the usual,” as if you’ve been living there for years.

In my recent Waikiki trip, our joint was Yard House in Lewers St. My cousins and I would go from cocktails to beers in one sitting during happy hour. We even found our “usual” dish, the spicy jambalaya.

Served in a hefty bowl, the US$18.65 dish consists of blackened jumbo shrimp, chicken-andouille sausage, red bell and pasilla peppers, sweet crawfish, and Cajun tomato cream sauce served over your choice of pasta, jasmine rice or brown rice.

It’s pasta for me, while my cousins opted for jasmine rice. The combination of cream and spices sat warmly inside my tummy. To this day I can still vividly remember the taste and smell of the distinct savory flavors. Mmm…

Yard House is located at Waikiki Beach Walk 226 Lewers St. Honolulu, Hawaii
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