Tai Hing’s 5-Star Roast Gets a 3.5

My travel buddies and I had one last stop to visit before heading to the airport and flying back to Manila—Tai Hing restaurant in Mongkok, Hong Kong.

Best known for its 5-star roasted pork and chilled original milk tea, Tai Hing has become a popular destination for tourists such as myself. After getting used to sitting in small crowded tables in hole-in-the-wall restaurants during our five-day trip, Tai Hing’s more spacious dining area and more hygienic food presentation were a welcome change.

Tai Hing, Nathan Road, Mongkok
An accessible utensil drawer saves space and avoids table clutter

To get the best of three meals, I ordered the triple roast lunch set for HK$61. I was served a hefty cup of white rice topped with goose leg, plain chicken and soy sauce chicken with a side of vegetables and two kinds sauces—sweet chili and garlic ginger.

Triple roast lunch set, HK$61

This trio of chopped poultry was difficult to distinguish from one another, and since they all went straight to my garlic ginger dip, I may as well have ordered the regular plain chicken for only HK$42. It was nevertheless a pleasant and filling meal.

Chilled original milk tea, $9

My HK$9 iced milk tea gave new meaning to the word “iced;” the plastic cup of milk tea was served on top of a bowl of ice cubes. It was a good way of preventing the drink from getting diluted while keeping it chilled.

My overall verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars. I’ve visited Hong Kong many times since I was a kid, and the best lesson I’ve learned is that the most flavorful dishes are not found in the classy restaurants, but in the streets—the mobile food carts, hole-in-the-wall spots, and modest food stands.

After Tai Hing, my stomach was craving for street fishball curry served in a disposable cup.

Click here to view a complete list of Tai Hing branches.
The branch I visited on January 2 is located at Shop A, G/F, Grand Tower II, 639 Nathan Road Mongkok

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