Countdown to Nutella Day

Three days to go ‘til World Nutella Day!

For people like me who are hooked on it like crack, Nutella is more than just a chocolate-y hazelnut spread; it’s a way of life.

I remember my first Nutella experience. It was in 2009 (yes, I’m a late Nutella bloomer) during a trip to Melbourne. For Brekkie, my cousin Alan asked, “Would you like some chocolate bread?” When I realized he was referring to that jar of Nutella that I’ve seen my friends fuss over, I told him that I’ve never really tried it.

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“What? You’ve never tried Nutella?” he asked in disbelief. I told him that although I love chocolate, I cringed at the idea of putting chocolate spread on bread.

He insisted I try some and served me a slice. I hesitantly bit into that piece of toast with Nutella spread and washed it down with a brew of strong coffee.

It was the most wonderful breakfast I’ve ever had in my life. I couldn’t belief I’ve been passing up Nutella for years, as others sunk their teeth into the gooey delectable hazelnut goodness that tickled their taste buds and nourished their souls.

I happily plunged into Nutella addiction, making up for the many years I missed out on this wonderful concoction. When I returned home to the Philippines, jars upon of jars of Nutella would go in and out of our kitchen. Nutella would grace my breakfasts, afternoon snacks, and even dinners.

My family laughed at my sudden affinity for that jar of chocolate-y hazelnut spread, and my relatives and friends would buy large Nutella jars for me from their trips to the US and Australia.

I have even become one of the thousands of fans who look forward to celebrating the annual World Nutella Day.

When Sara Rosso of Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle Fabio of Bleeding Espresso declared February 5 as World Nutella Day six years ago, it created a wave across the world that united Nutella lovers of all ages and races.

What exactly goes on during this non-official novelty celebration? Do they give away free jars of Nutella? I wish!

Every February 5th, the blogosphere goes mad with anything and everything related to Nutella. People take crazy photos of themselves eating spoonfuls of Nutella. Foodies publish and share Nutella recipes. Bloggers and Facebook addicts download Nutella Day badges. Twitter users spread #nutelladay hashtags. The list goes on!

As for my personal contribution, feast your eyes on this:

Top: Nutella rolls, Bottom: Cinnamon rolls

After sampling Nutella rolls with a side of vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries at a café in Melbourne a few years ago, I begged my pasty chef sister, Karen Alvarez of A Bag of Goodies, to come up with something similar.

The result: a mouth-watering tray of fresh Nutella rolls. The recipe is easy. Just download any basic cinnamon roll recipe online and replace the cinnamon ingredient with Nutella spread. Unfortunately, my sister isn’t commercially selling Nutella rolls (yet!), but you may order other goodies from her online shop here.

Now excuse me while I toast some wheat bread with a whopping scoop of Nutella.

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