Toilet Yoga, Anyone?

During a trip to L.A. back in 2007, my friends and I found ourselves discussing effective methods to improve one’s bowel movement. To be more blunt, we were talking about how to “let the poop out” when feeling constipated. In my life, I’ve heard ’em all—green tea, water therapy, and high fiber diets that are all supposed to help improve one’s BM.

Then my friend Nick introduced me to Toilet Yoga, which he learned by word of mouth from friends who have used this method of stretching and flexing while sitting on the toilet bowl with your pants down as you wait to drop the kids off at the pool.

“Seriously?” I asked in mockery. Toilet Yoga sounded like a bar room joke, but Nick attested to this method, claiming that his friends and even their kids have effectively tried it. He taught me a few Yoga-like poses and stretches that I could use in case of toilet emergency.

Toilet Yoga—because sometimes sh*t doesn’t happen

I rarely have problems in this department (wink, wink), so I pushed Toilet Yoga back in my distant memory, even when I later became a Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga enthusiast in the Philippines.

Fast forward to 2012, when a person close to me began complaining of constipation problems. He complained that fiber drinks and fruits didn’t help, so I serendipitously blurted out, “Have you tried Toilet Yoga?” He replied no, so we both turned to Google for illustrative information.

I found out that Toilet Yoga has grown into a full-blown global movement out to help people “stay loose.” They have an official web page, a Facebook fan page, a twitter account, and even an iPhone and iPad app with loyal followers who swear by their methods.

There’s also a paperback that explains the movement’s 15 signature poses and stretches, with crazy names such as The Lid, The Slider, and The Rainbow. Hmm… I wonder if they’ll come up with their version of the Downward Dog. On second thought, I hope they don’t.

Potty time is Yoga time.

Curious? Purchase the book and keep it in the bathroom magazine rack.

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