My Space: Picasas

The best way to tap into an artist’s brain is to visit his workplace. To watch his process, sift through remnants of his work, and see how he navigates through the confines of his studio is like dissecting his mind.

Lo and behold, Picasas’ studio!

Located on the top floor of a loft somewhere in Parañaque City, Metro Manila, this studio is home to Paolo Icasas, who has given himself the moniker Picasas (reverence to Pablo Picasso is intentional).

If only walls could speak. This studio has witnessed countless sleepless nights and has absorbed infinite piles of emotions and energy not only from Picasas, but also from friends and foes that have stepped into that space.

I never get sick of this place. As a friend and fellow artist, I need constant inspiration and randomness to get my brain going. The vibe in Picasas’ Studio gives me just that.


Sorry, kids! His studio is not open to public, but you may purchase Paolo Icasas’ works here:

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