A Snoopy Affair

“A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play has lost forever the child who lived in him.”
-Pablo Neruda

A conversation between my sister and me a few months ago:

Karen: Wanna have a Snoopy birthday party?
Me: A what?
Karen: For your birthday, let’s throw a Snoopy-themed birthday! I’ll put up booths, games, and toys. It’s like that game you always play.
Me: You mean Snoopy’s Street Fair?
Karen: Yes!
Me: What am I, 7 years old?
Karen: It’ll be fun!
Me: Where are we gonna do it? In Cavite City? Nobody will go. I don’t think we can find a cheap venue in Manila where they’ll allow you to put up a mini fair. And I don’t want to celebrate my birthday anymore!
Karen: Aw, c’mon!

I failed the marshmallow test a few days before my party.

I failed the marshmallow test a few days before my party.

Weeks later, we’d have a similar conversation, only I found myself nodding more at my childhood fantasy of putting up a fair in our garage. Two weeks before my actual birthday, I finally agreed, and so did my parents.

The wheels began turning for my party. My parents began moving the cars out of our garage and calling their friends to help with the setup. I would catch my sister preparing every detail of the party—from the decorations to the cupcakes that she baked.

I referred to it as a pseudo-surprise because I told my sister not to show me any of the details until my actual party. Since I had never experienced a surprise party in my life, this is the closest I can get. I tried my best not to peek at the mountain of party favors that was piling up in our living room.

My birthday cake, the Red Baron

My birthday cake, the Red Baron

My biggest fear was being mocked for this childish pursuit. I expected only half the people on the guest list to actually come. I didn’t think people would indulge my weirdness and actually come all the way to Cavite City (two to three hours away from Manila) for this Snoopy-themed kiddie party of a grown woman.

The result? Only one of the happiest birthdays of my life. Thank you, Karen, for convincing my inner child to say yes. And to those who came, thanks for unleashing yours.

If you’re in Manila or Cavite and you’d like to throw a Snoopy-themed party (for any age), contact Karen at A Bag of Goodies.

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