Yoga Anywhere: Lake Tahoe

The great thing about being in California is that you don’t have to go far for a vacation. There’s Reno and Las Vegas for casino and partying, Sacramento for a laid-back escape, and Lake Tahoe for either summer or winter recreations.

My friends from San Francisco took me to my first Lake Tahoe trip in April during the in-between season. Spring was slowly inching its way to Cali, but specks of snow were overstaying its welcome.

I took my Yoga Anywhere project to the mountains of Lake Tahoe, where even professional wide-angle photographs don’t give the sights justice. I heard about Lake Tahoe many times from people who have skied down the slopes of Sno-Park, triathletes who have trekked the mountains by bike or foot, and lazy vacationers who have simply gone to the neighboring casino-hotels to gamble the night away.

Pashchima Namaskarasana (reverse prayer pose)

I gazed at the snow powdering the pine trees and rough gray rocks that have withstood decades of wear and tear from tourists and dwellers, the wide lake that my eyes mistook for an ocean, and the realization that it is indeed a closed body of water as soon as the clouds parted to reveal the vast land that envelopes the various shades of blue that is Lake Tahoe.

I centered myself atop the rocks to commune with nature and say, “Namaste!”

Photos by Nicole Mercado of Yak Films

Lake Tahoe is located along the border between California and Sierra Nevada, west of Carson City.

Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to do Yoga poses at treacherous mountains and other non-flat surfaces. Improper alignment and imbalances could lead to injuries. Peace, love, and light.

  1. First things first, you’re really flexible Ms. Kate which is I think is the main requirement for yoga, is that right? Well if I tried I don’t think I can do those poses as perfect as how you do it. I will most probably look like a desperate gymnast than actually someone who wants to relax and do yoga for once. *and my best friend will surely laugh at me. meanie haha* Anyway, you don’t have any idea how much I envy you and those other bloggers that are able to travel whenever and wherever they want. Every time you guys post a picture or a blog about your trip, I was like “I want to be there. I want to be there. I want to experience that. That’s in my book. She’s so lucky to be there!” crazy I know Haha. You see I have this crazy travel book *like a scrapbook or something* that I started to fill a year ago of every country and tourist spots all around the world that I get to watch on TV or are featured in magazines, and even those random places that I saw in the internet are listed there for future references when someday, if I got lucky and be able to travel, at least I already know which countries/places are worth traveling for. And Lake Tahoe is definitely one of them so I bet you already know what I feel when I saw your article. haha

    1. A travel scrapbook is a great idea. I used to have something like that, too, when I was a kid. I clipped out photos from magazines and told myself that I will one day get to see all those places in person!

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