New Year Discovery: Tequila in a Tetra Pak

I was at a post-Christmas party on a Makati roof deck when the host, my photographer friend, Dix, asked me if I wanted liquor in a tetra pak. Curious, I got the strawberry margarita flavor from the cooler. The label read: “14 proof, 7% alc. by vol. 18+ For adults only.”

Gaz, ready-to-drink cocktails in tetra packs. Suggested retail price: P22-27 each (200 ml).

Gaz, ready-to-drink cocktails in tetra paks. Suggested retail price: P22-27 each (200 ml).

Note: I’m one of those unfortunate Asians whose face turns red after just a shot, so I was buzzed after drinking one serving. It wasn’t the tequila talking, but I just had to meet the siblings who brought the boxes of tequila tetra paks to the party. Clifford, Aaron, and Brandon Aw of Destileria Limtuaco told me they named the drink “Gaz” in reference to gassing up your vehicle before a trip.

I got dibs on Gaz! Available flavors: strawberry margarita and green appletini.

I got dibs on Gaz! Available flavors: strawberry margarita and green appletini.

Travel-sized liquor tetra packs aren’t exactly a new discovery. They’ve been sold in countries like the US for the past few years, but this is my first time to see a Philippine-made version.


Now kids, don’t mistake this for Zesto!

With college kids and road trippers as their target market, they’re planning to release Gaz (pun intended) to the market before summer hits Manila in April. I took home a box and served them to my college-aged cousins on New Year’s Day. The beer pong champs of that party gave Gaz their thumbs up. I can see this drink being a hit at music festivals and beaches.

I have about a dozen Gaz paks left in my fridge. Who wants to try?


  1. Gailaaaaaaa wrote:

    OMG I need this in my life. Im in a much need of margarita like rn lol. Where to buy? I always wine shop every week for my dad but haven’t crossed to anything like this!

  2. Sai wrote:

    O M G hahaha sorry but I got excited when I searched this thing and come across this post. It’s for real. I saw this Gaz this morning in MiniStop and I told myself I had to buy it!!! Is it good? How’s the tama factor? Hehehe thanks!

  3. shiela wrote:

    hi. ask ko lng saan ka nkabili nya dto sa philippine store? thank you!:)

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