The Traveling Kates

In the sea of travel bloggers, the ones that easily pique my attention are my namesakes—the many Kates who’ve decided to travel as far as their feet can take them and write about their adventures. Here are my 10 favorite Kate bloggers (in no particular order) from around the world—each with her own writing style and travel personality. I imagine the 11 of us meeting at a coffee shop in between our travels, comparing notes, sharing stories, and then running off to our next destination with backpack or suitcase in tow.

1. Adventurous Kate


When I was planning and researching for my blog in 2011, I came across Kate McCulley’s blog and was green with travel envy. A traveler named Kate (who happens to also have curly hair) going on crazy adventures around the world by herself? I hate her—just kidding! Kate has actually been an inspiration to me. At that time in my life, reading her posts assured me that it’s okay to quit my full-time office job, travel the world, and earn a living while on the go.

2. Kate Siobhan Photography


In 2013 I came across this eye-opening article about Palawan and tourists’ lack of eco-responsibility. Who would’ve known that a year later, I’d meet the talented photographer behind the photos? I’m currently taking a course in Fundamentals of Travel Writing at MatadorU and Kate Siobhan Mulligan is one of the faculty members. After we met at an online orientation, she browsed through my portfolio and assigned me my first article for Matador Network. After years of writing for Philippine-based publications, seeing my pen name in an international site for the first time was an exhilarating feeling, and I owe that to Kate. Her blog showcases her travel images and humanitarian work around the world.

3. Travel With Kate


Like the well-traveled relative or friend you look up to, Kate Thomas is a cultural travel journalist. She hosts and produces the web series, “Travel with Kate” and has been featured as a travel expert on, Huffpost Live, AOL, and TripAdvisor. Her travel story began as an 18-year-old who went with her boyfriend from LA to Italy the summer before college. After years of immersing in different cultures around the world and finding herself, Kate has become a seasoned traveler.

4. Kate Lives Here


The main thing I like about Kate Hash’s blog is the modern and sleek design. It’s powered by Squarespace, the web design and hosting site that I originally wanted to get for my blog, but the price is above my budget. Majority of travel blogs these days are exploding with busyness that it distracts you from the photos and articles. Kate’s site draws you to her postcard-worthy photographs and clean, professional writing.

5. Relokate


Originally a small town girl from the UK, Kate Jordan quit her job to travel the world. Somewhere along the way, she met her husband Daniel and they now both live as expats in Germany. Her blog shows you how they built their lives around adventure.

6. IndiKate

A graduate of the University of Johannesburg, Kate Els owns a pair of animal-print Hello Kitty glasses, loves to eat out, cares for two cats, and is a self-appointed director of happiness. I can see myself hanging out and partying with this Kate!

7. Travel Fudge Kate


Originally from Cape Town, Kate Lighton and her boyfriend Kyle packed their bags for Thailand. To finance their travels, they both taught English, which is a lucrative industry for globetrotters. Whether you choose to teach online or in a physical school, the benefits are more than just monetary—it gives you a chance to interact with different cultures. The couple is now in Cambodia for their next adventure.

8. Kate Goes Global


For someone who speaks English as her third language, Kate Sommerkamp writes better than many native English-speaking bloggers I’ve encountered. Raised in Spain and currently living in London, she blogs to share stories and keep a record of her experiences. Her travel blog is one of the few I know that is ad-free.

9. Catching Up With Kate


Kate Hamernik is a 30-something San Diego native whose thrift blog, San Diego Deals and Steals, evolved into a travel mommy blog, Catching Up With Kate. She advocates adoption; enjoys thrift deals, chocolates, and DIY projects; juggles motherhood with travel; and unabashedly loves all things Disney… sounds like me in the future.

10. Kate From The States


I discovered her blog just last month when a friend shared Kate’s popular post, “How I Afford to Travel… And You May Not Like What I’m Going To Say.” She quit her budding PR career in Manhattan to travel. It began with a four-month English teaching stint in Thailand and ended up becoming a full-blown travel bug. She’s now in Australia, where “I don’t know what work I’ll find or where I’ll be living. A little crazy? I guess so. But to not follow your dream would be crazier.” Touché, I say!

Screencaps from their respective blogs

January 5, 2015

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