Café Antix: My Neighborhood Café

Most of my life, the idea of putting up a Starbucks branch or any coffee shop in Cavite City seemed impossible, given the thrifty and conventional culture of my sleepy town. But two brothers changed up Cavite City’s vibe when they opened Café Antix in 2012.

What started as a college thesis project became a thriving family business for Davey and Bryan Guinto. They expanded the space of their mother Mabel’s fashion design studio to include a café that could rival even the most hipster artisan coffee shops in Makati.

The fun begins when you pick from their extensive menu of coffee beverages. Aside from the standard espresso and brewed coffee choices, they’ve concocted blends that use your favorite chocolate brands as the main ingredient—Kit Kat, Ghirardelli, Butterfinger, Hershey’s Kisses, and many others.

The owners are always around, either personally chatting with their customers or experimenting with new pizza and pasta flavors in the kitchen. As loyal customers, my sister and I love it whenever we’re the first to try their latest pizza concoction.

Another thing I enjoy doing when hanging out at Café Antix is checking out their growing display of vintage collectibles—typewriters, decades-old books, bottled Pinoy sodas from the 50s, polaroid cameras, and many other museum-worthy trinkets. I must’ve Instagrammed every corner of their café since it opened.

I’ve been living in Cavite City since the ’80s, and I can finally say that I have a favorite neighborhood café.

What’s your favorite café in your hood?

Café Antix is located at 5125 P. Burgos Ave. Cor. Cabuco St. Caridad, Cavite City Philippines. Operating hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Phone no. +6346-431-6196

Photos from Café Antix. Additional photos by

February 10, 2015


  1. Hiyas wrote:

    I tend to shy away from “in” coffee shops and go for the quiet ones. My favorite neighborhood cafe here in Iloilo is Coffee House Beanery..It’s not really popular which I’m thankful because I can have quiet time in there.;) The coffee is really good, and the pastries are heavenly, they have the best chocolate chip cookies, lemon pie, and french deluxe sandwich bathed in cheese sauce. The place also has nice and updated reading materials and literary inspired decors which is cool.

  2. Grazelle wrote:

    so far my favorite is Dreamland Arts and Crafts cafe in Lipa City, Batangas 🙂

  3. Clare wrote:

    I’ve been to Cavite City a number of times but haven’t tried this place out yet. Based on the photos you have here I think I should!

  4. Brenda wrote:

    I love this article! I wish antix will have their branch here in Bacolod someday somehow. I want to taste that columbian coffee.

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