4th Anniversary Giveaway!

I can’t believe it’s been four years since I launched my travel and lifestyle blog, Kate Was Here! I remember being an adamant print journalist who refused to give in to the digital media wave back then. Four years later, I’ve managed to balance my print roots with my growth in the digital universe.

To celebrate, I’m giving away a Benefit Cosmetics loot bag to one lucky reader. Most of my readers are female, and since a lot of you girls follow my work in other publications such as BDJ Box and Cosmopolitan, I thought I’d pamper you with something from the beauty industry.

What you’ll get: an eco-friendly shopping bag, They’re Real! Beyond Mascara, a travel cosmetics case, and other makeup samples from Benefit Cosmetics.

What you’ll get: an eco-friendly shopping bag, They’re Real! Beyond Mascara, a travel cosmetics case, and other makeup samples from Benefit Cosmetics.

How to join:

1. Answer this: Which Kate Was Here blog post inspired you to make travel plans this year and why?
2. Post your answer in the comments section below.
3. Only one answer per person. Multiple answers will be disqualified.
4. Each comment serves as a raffle entry.
5. Deadline for entries: May 11, Monday, 12nn (Philippine time).
6. Open to Philippine residents only. The prize will be delivered to your doorstep.
7. Previous winners may join.
8. Raffle winner will be announced on May 11, 2 p.m. on this blog post and on my Facebook page.

Thanks for your support!


  1. Kate wrote:

    Congratulations, Allana Pascual! You won the Benefit Cosmetics loot bag. Please check your email for details. 🙂

    Thanks to everyone else who joined! Stay tuned for more freebies.

  2. Cecilia wrote:

    Your series of blog posts about Batanes inspires me a lot to travel! I’ve been always dreaming of visiting Batanes but I don’t have time. Because of your blog, I realized that I am getting older and maybe it’s time for me to give myself a chance to relax and unwind. I also wanted to visit the “Batanes Blank Book Archive” and write everything I’ve been keeping inside, in a blank page. I’m sure Batanes has a lot to offer and I really want to explore everything! :DDD

  3. Isabel wrote:

    Your Mt. Pulag adventure inspired me to travel more (and trek more) this year. I am used to staying at home if I’m not working, but after reading your posts, I felt I could do that too!

    I am not the athletic type and I’m lazy to prepare for the climb. We went to Mt. Batulao last March and not even halfway through the trek, my legs are giving up on me. I told my friends to go and I’ll stay in a hut where a woman sells halo-halo and lumpia. But I remembered how your tips and I swore to myself I’ll finish Batulao and will prepare well for my next climb (and the one after that)!

    Mt. Pico de Loro is next on our to-climb list and I’m jogging and playing badminton as a preparation!

    The saying “it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” is very true! 🙂

  4. Ruth sy wrote:

    Yes! Almost all of your travels inspires me. Because you just dont let us see what was there but you also share ideas to make trips more cheaper. You really help us how to make travels in a lesser expense. Also thru you i am asking my friends to join me totravel places that you featured.. It really give us ideas.

  5. theresa wrote:

    That would definitely be everything you traveled in Korea. From La Petite France, where Running Man (a Korean variety show) played games for so many times, the Teddy Bear shop to Everland, the biggest and best theme park in Korea. The KPOP fangirl in me can’t resist those post and I tried placing myself in your shoes and it feels like I was there seeing the place. That is irreplaceable. If only I have more time travelling than teaching I would book the fastest plane there, but first I need to cover the expenses which is quite difficult to exhaust given the priorities I need to settle first. I am still inspired to visit the place one day! No. I will definitely visit the place and my goal is to go there after I got married. Next year it is!! ♥

  6. Mikee B. wrote:

    The wedding in Ruins inspired me a lot! It inspired me to work hard for the future and keep chasing my dreams. The most beautiful thing in the world is receiving unconditional love from that special someone. A beautiful wedding in the future to celebrate one’s love for another is definitely one I can dream of. That blog post made me feel that it is never impossible for someone to have a happy ending.

  7. Brenda wrote:

    The new Kate was here blog that inspires me to travel is the Mt. Pulag: Diary of a newbie parts 1 & 2. I enjoy reading the whole story and it makes me feel excited to experience it. I’m not a pro or like that but I’m willing to learn about climbing etiquette. I consider the difficulties to encouter if I’ll be in the actual situation, but the eargerness and determination I have to try this activity even once in my life weighs more. While I was reading and looking at those pictures I come up to realize that this experience will make me and others value more and preserve our mother nature. The reason I always choose to sit beside the window of a plane is to see the green mountains and what’s on the top of it(just curious about it). But my top 3 reasons why I want to try Mt. Pulag is #1 to see stars in a different way( I love stars),#2 to see the sea of clouds in actual and #3 to conquer a mountain too :). Making new friends and napping under the sun is included too. I hope to make this this year or early next year. Thanks a lot kate can’t express enough how I was inspire by this post. #Happiest4thYearKateWasHere!!!

  8. Yas wrote:

    Your post about Batanes honestly got me making plans to go there hopefully this year. Batanes is so beautiful and serene, and I’d take that over crowded and commercialized touristy spots anytime. It is perfect because I love the sean and my partner is more of a bukid person. I love how Filipino culture and arts thrive there, it makes me proud that we have something so beautiful locally.

  9. Elle wrote:

    The series about Mt. Pulag! My friends and I have always wanted to climb that mountain. We want to see the majestic sunrise from the peak. We have been hiking mountains in South Luzon since college and your post pushed us to finally plan to hike the mountain this year. Thanks for those blogposts, and thanks for the tips, too. 🙂

  10. Each blog posts inspires me in different ways to make travel plans this year.

    But if I need to choose one. I’ll pick The “8 Reasons Why It’s More Fun to Travel Alone” blog post (http://katewashere.com/2014/09/01/8-reasons-why-its-more-fun-to-travel-alone/)
    because this specific blog post pushes me to become fearless to go all by myself in places that I’m not yet familiar with. With that I might be able to know myself better and explore everything and every places without time pressure.

  11. I’m really inspired by your blog post about your batanes trip. It’s my dream to go there eversince i was a kid. But when i saw your blog post, I learned that batanes is really a beautiful place and i need to go there. It really captures my heart and for now, i will save money so that next summer, i can go there. My mom also wants to go there when she saw your blog post, We are really inspired and i wanna thank you for that ❤️

  12. Jacq Paraguya wrote:

    This post about Vigan made me think about planning another trip back.


    I have been to Vigan as a kid and I remember how the place reminded me of the old Spanish era. I’m glad such a place still exists aside from Intramuros. I wanted to plan another trip, this time with my husband. He’s always been willing to go but somehow, we never found the time. I think now is the year to seize the moment and just do it. Thanks for your blog post. 🙂 You’re a really good writer. 🙂 Love always, Jacq

  13. Jansie wrote:

    Batanes! I’ve always been putting off going to Batanes because of this and that. When I saw your pictures, they reminded me of my long-time dream of seeing one of the, if not the, most picturesque places in the Philippines.

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