Quirk of the Month: Minion Monopoly

Call me a predictable tourist, but I cannot leave a theme park unless I purchase something from the souvenir shop. Look what I got from last month’s trip to Universal Studios Singapore—Monopoly: Despicable Me!

Monopoly: Despicable Me, SGD49.90
Did somebody say, “Banana?”

It’s like your regular Monopoly game with a few loony twists. Instead of traditional dice, you use the Minion spinner to determine your moves. You collect Banana Bucks and the properties come straight from the film, such as the AVL submarine, magnetic ship, and… the moon! The property tokens are cupcakes and ice cream sundaes. The goal is to become Gru’s favorite Minion. Best of all, the Minion tokens are just so darn cute!

Just in time! Minions, the prequel to Despicable Me, is coming to theaters this July, and brands all over the globe have been taking advantage of the Minions craze. Watch the trailer below.

Now who’s up for game night? What are your favorite board games?

June 26, 2015

    1. For me my favorite board game is just an ordinary snake and ladder. I remembered when I was young I usually play that kind of game with my older sisters. And I always won. They said that I was a lucky person because I always win the game. Until now that board game (snake and ladder) still in our room. I just keep it inside my room so that, whenever my sisters and I are not busy we will play that board game.

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