Throwback: Mt. Pulag

It’s been eight months since my trip to Mt. Pulag, my baptism of fire into the world of mountain hiking. Cliché as it may sound, a lot has changed since that trek. I’ve become more active, more eager to climb other mountains in the Philippines, and more sane, thanks to the therapeutic benefits of the great outdoors.

Raffy Ruiz, one of the hikers I met in Mt. Pulag, documented our trip. If you’re curious about climbing Mt. Pulag for the first time, perhaps these videos will help you decide. The first one is from our March 2015 trip, and the second, from Raffy’s 2014 trip.

Return to Mt. Pulag from Raffy Ruiz on Vimeo.

Mount Pulag 2014 Part 1 from Raffy Ruiz on Vimeo.