#BeMoreBarrio Movement

In September, European clothing brand Pull & Bear launched “Be More Barrio,” a global movement that asks, “What if the world acted like one neighborhood?” Be it your in local town or another time zone, neighborhoods share a sense of unity, love, and common elements beyond just stereotypical cultural nuances.

“The same type of cafés, launderettes, shops, bakeries, parties with friends at a flat, relationships with our neighbors… and, of course, the same way of dressing. We like this ‘neighborhood’ essence that combines the familiar and the cosmopolitan,” Pull & Bear said.

They enlisted the help of Australian band Sheppard to create an exclusive track for this project, while other up-and-coming bands from all over the world created their own versions of the song. There’s Vasquez Sounds from California, Daniela Andrade from Canada, Philipp Leon Altmeyer from Germany, Boyce Avenue from Florida, Jayesslee from Australia, and my new favorite boy band, Dvicio from Spain. There’s also an ongoing cover contest where the weekly winner gets a Pull & Bear wardrobe, while the grand winner (deadline is December 6) gets to travel to Australia to discover Sheppard’s neighborhood in Brisbane.

The message of the movement—and a happy dose of LSS—resonated with me as I explored Talim Island and discovered more coffee shops around my own neighborhood in Cavite. When I finished a travel writing course in Matador U early this year, the biggest lesson I took with me is, “Don’t be a tourist in your own neighborhood.” We often spend so much time traveling to other cities and countries that we fail to notice there are little nooks we have yet to discover in our own neighborhood.

What’s your favorite #BeMoreBarrio cover?

November 18, 2015


  1. Always a fan of Boyce Avenue so definitely for me, their version is better. 😀 But the other covers are really good as well. Just have that bias. 🙂 Oh, I so like the message of the movement. And the contest is pretty amazing too. If only I can sing. Haha.

  2. I love the Boyce Avenue cover! It has the perfect barrio vibes. I can imagine myself travelling by bus or jeepney, going up on a mountain or swimming by the sea with their cover as the background music! It’s relaxing, a perfect tune while watching the sunset too! I imagine myself making a music video of my travels within the Philippines using this song!

  3. Brenda wrote:

    I have that realization too, to explore and discover the gems of our country Ph before jumping to other countries.

  4. Ericka S wrote:

    “Don’t be a tourist in your own neighborhood.” Super true!

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