Help Rebuild Talim Island’s St. Francis Church

Last year I got to know the people of Talim Island, specifically Barangay Habagatan. Their main source of livelihood is fishing, and because the residents live by a humble income, there is a lack of facilities such as markets, a hospital, or even a medical center in the island. For emergencies and other modern supplies, they have to take a 30-minute boat ride to Calamba, Laguna.

This decades-old Catholic Church in Brgy. Habagatan still lacks the funds to rebuild. Its residents are finding ways to raise funds.

This decades-old Catholic Church in Brgy. Habagatan still lacks the funds to rebuild.

One of the few edifices I saw in Brgy. Habagatan is the St. Francis Church, which has stood in its skeletal form for decades, according to the neighbors. My Tito Apin (a family friend who migrated to the US but returns to his home town in Talim Island every year) narrated how this was the Catholic Church his late parents grew up with, and the same one he heard masses in until he joined the US military in the ’80s.

The fiesta parade starts in the church shortly after lunch, and lasts until dinnertime.

At last year’s fiesta

During my stay there in September, Tito Apin told me that one of his projects is to raise enough funds to restore the church. Unfortunately, the local Laguna government doesn’t have funds for this church, but is keener on building a bridge to the island. You be the judge on their priorities and economical mindset.

The wheels have begun rolling for the fundraiser. There’s now a Go Fund Me account for St. Francis Church, where you can donate any amount, wherever you are in the world. If there’s one thing I can vouch for, it’s that the people of Brgy. Habagatan in Talim Island are among the most honest and humble Filipino communities I’ve ever encountered. Please donate. Thank you in advance.

March 27, 2016

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