The World’s Obsession With Rainbow Food

Did the universe end up drinking the rainbow Kool-Aid? If you’ve been keeping up with ooh-look-at-this type of posts on Facebook and Instagram, then you’d probably notice the surge of ROYGBIV viral food trends—from rainbow bagels to rainbow lattes. Lisa Frank would be proud.

Rainbow bagel. There’s always a long line at The Bagel Store by Scott Rossillo, the guy who started the rainbow bagel hype in Brooklyn, New York.

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Rainbow latte. Las Vegas-based barista Mason Salisbury created his first rainbow latte early this year by infusing food dye with steamed milk before pouring the foam into a cup. His rainbow creations became such a hit that he now has over 25k followers. He continues to do free-pour latte art.

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Rainbow croissant. Pastry chef and cake designer Thiago Silva created a Funfetti-style birthday cake croissant with a mascarpone filing and candy sprinkle toppings for the Union Fare Gastrohall in NYC last June.

Rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches. If you’re been drooling at those raclette cheese videos all over Facebook, then here’s an alternative—the unicorn toastie. It’s a grilled cheese sandwich filled with multi-colored melted cheeses flavored with lavender (purple), basil (green), and tomato (red). It’s available at Hong Kong’s Kala Toast.

Rainbow sushi. Foodies have been creating different kinds of DIY rainbow sushi, also known as mermaid sushi, depending on their taste and food preference. There are vegan versions and classic seafood versions—all guaranteed to give your food flay lays more likes. To add color to the rice, they use natural ingredients such as beet powder (for pink), turmeric (for yellow), and gochujang (for orange).

Rainbow pizza. Here’s a good reason to eat more veggies. Food bloggers and chefs have been creating different versions of rainbow pizza. Instead adding food dye to the dough, they’re focusing on vegetable toppings to give the pizza multi-colored layers.

Rainbow pancakes. This isn’t exactly a new trend. Moms around the world have been giving their kids a reason not skip breakfast by turning their pancakes into rainbow creations. All you need is your favorite pancake batter mixed with food dye. Alternative: rainbow waffles.

Rainbow milkshake. New York’s Diner By The Sea joined the rainbow food craze by offering tie-die pancakes and milkshakes in their menu. Their milkshakes come in flavors such as brownie batter drizzled with colored syrup and topped with a huge chunk of whipped cream.

Rainbow cake. Most pastry chefs and made-to-order bakeries now accept rainbow cake orders. Upon slicing, it will reveal at least six layers of different colors. Other bakers rely on just food dye, while some bakers go the extra mile by giving each layer a distinct flavor.

Rainbow cupcake. Rainbow-colored cake with icing or toppings that look like unicorn poop? Yes, please!

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Rainbow bread. If you grew up in the Philippines, you’ll know that this childhood treat is just a regular loaf with food dye. But food artisans around the world are churning out different versions for a hefty price tag. If only people knew that we can buy this for cheap at our local panaderia.

Rainbow cookies. There are basic sugar cookies with a cute rainbow topper, but there’s a more in-demand version that looks like—you guessed it—unicorn poop.

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Rainbow doughnuts. There are two versions: plain donut batter with rainbow glaze and rainbow batter with gourmet glaze. I’ll go for the latter.

Rainbow cheesecake. Stop this madness right now! On second thought—don’t. It mixes two things I like—New York-style cheesecake and rainbow colors.

Rainbow cake jars. I blame Pinterest for the endless need to put everything in mason jars. Here’s one DIY recipe that’s been pinned and reposted thousands of times over—rainbow cake in a jar.

Rainbow cocktails. Here’s a joke: A unicorn went into a bar and… Okay, never mind. Here, have an alcoholic cocktail drowning in sugar and artificial colors.

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