The Road to Koreanovela Skin With Red Light Collagen Therapy

Koreans have great skin. I’m not just saying this after watching all those Korean dramas and K-Pop music videos. After my family and I visited South Korea for the first time in 2014, I saw how much their beauty industry is thriving. From finding makeup shops in practically every corner of the street to discovering unique beauty trends (snail cream, anyone?), it’s no wonder Koreans are setting the gold standard for great skin.

My skin was in bad shape early this year—blotchy and dry, among a list of other skin issues—so I was more than happy to visit Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss in BGC.

Their Technology

Beauty Lab Whitening is a specialized skin treatment facility perfected in Seoul by South Korean skin brand, Suaviss. There are two main services available—face and body treatments. Both are extensive multi-step treatments that use organic Suaviss products and an innovative skincare technique called red light collagen therapy.

Facial Treatment Steps

1. Cleansing and exfoliation
2. Face mask application (1st pack)
3. Face and shoulder massage
4. Face mask application (2nd pack)
5. Pre-conditioning cream application
6. Red light collagen therapy (R-630 collagen machine)
7. Post-conditioning cream application

Body Treatment Steps

1. Exfoliation
2. Pre-conditioning cream application
3. R-630 collagen machine
4. Post-conditioning cream application

Kate’s Notes

I opted for the face and body package. I booked three sessions at 2 to 4-day intervals. Each treatment lasted about 1.5 hours. Before the first session, I was asked to fill up a questionnaire about my skin and health condition. They explained the entire process to me, and I asked as many questions as I could, such as, “Is this procedure safe on people with early stages of melasma (Yes)?” and “May I wear makeup right after (Yes)?”

I had an entire room and trained attendant to myself. The private room included a locker with personal key for my belongings, dressing area (with fresh robes, disposable underwear, and disposable slippers), shower and treatment area with a waterproof bed, vanity section, and the star of the show—the R-630 collagen machine, also known as red light collagen therapy.

The Red Light

The R-630 collagen machine looks like a time machine that you enter as the final step of your treatment. You take off your robe, sit on the plastic stool, and as soon as the attendant closes the door, bask naked in the light for about 15 minutes. Don’t worry; red light is safe and clinically known to stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen, plus these other benefits:

If you’re claustrophobic, they will show you the open roof of the machine to assure you that you’re not completely sealed in. You may plug your mobile phone on the built-in mp3 player to listen to your own relaxing music inside the R-630. The attendant will also remain outside the machine, checking on you every five minutes.

You will also be wearing protective goggles and a shower cap.

Click here if you’d like to see a video of the entire process.


After three full sessions, my skin showed the following improvements:

1. Supple and smoother complexion
2. Dewy face, just like K-Pop stars!
3. Clearer skin tone (but not too light, just the way I like it)
4. Reduced roughness on certain areas (like my elbows, knees, and dark spots)

Even if I was allowed to wear makeup right after each session, I was so happy at how supple my skin looked that I sported no makeup (not the no-makeup makeup look, but zero cosmetics on my face) for the rest of the day.


1. Don’t apply anything on your skin prior to the treatment—no makeup, lotion, sunblock, or any skincare product.

2. Don’t go during your period.

3. Prepare to be butt naked! You will be asked to strip down and wear nothing but disposable undies. As soon as you enter the private shower room, you will take off the robe and the attendant will scrub every surface area of your body—down to the bikini line and butt area. It’s to make sure every surface of your skin is smoothened.

4. If you’re self-conscious about being lathered in all your naked glory (I was!), you may request that you apply the post-scrub creams on your own. During the first session, I was uncomfortable about standing butt naked (even if it was a private room) as the attendant applied lotion on me from head to toe. By the second session, I nicely asked that I do the final lotion application while covering my privates with a towel.

5. The best time to do this treatment is days after traveling or hitting the beach. Avoid doing this right before hitting the beach or your skin will get damaged.

6. It’s best to go when you don’t have any fresh scars on your skin. If you have underlying skin conditions, consult your dermatologist first.

7. Instead of getting the face and body treatments separately, go for the combo treatment. They also have discounts and promo deals to help you save up. Subscribe to Beauty Lab Whitening’s Facebook page for updates.

8. They will give you a leaflet of post-care tips, like what type of SPF to wear and activities to avoid.

Price List

Whitening Solution Full Body Treatment
Regular price: ₱5,000 per session
Silver: 3 sessions for ₱13,000
Gold: 5 sessions for ₱19,500
Diamond: 8 sessions for ₱27,000
Platinum: 10 sessions + home care product for ₱33,500

Whitening Solution Facial Treatment
Regular price: ₱2,500 per session
Silver: 3 sessions for ₱6,000
Gold: 5 sessions for ₱11,000
Diamond: 8 sessions for ₱14,000
Platinum: 10 sessions for ₱16,000

Beauty Lab Whitening is located at Unit 304, 3/F Bonifacio Stopover, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tel. no. +632-546-4612 and +632-546-4601.

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  1. I’ve been into spa and facial treatments lately and i think i wanna try this! <3

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