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Seaquatix: Top Travel Bloggers’ Little Secret

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need a GoPro or fancy underwater equipment to take the best travel photos and videos. Here’s a secret I learned from some of the world’s best travel bloggers and beach-loving models—Seaquatix. If you follow the likes of Trav Springer, Victoria Franco Fernandez, Oceana Strachan, Sean Kitching, and Leah Perkins, you’ll notice a cute, bright baggie hanging around their neck while taking travel OOTDs and diving into the world’s best oceans.

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It’s Seaquatix, a compact waterproof bag that holds your phone while protecting it from water, snow, and other grime. I finally got my hands on one this year. Whenever I need to travel light and prefer leaving all my clunky gadgets at home, all I bring to the shore are my iPhone and Seaquatix. There’s even enough space in the bag for some cash and your hotel keycard. There’s no need to leave your stuff on the boat or beachfront, and then be paranoid all afternoon while swimming.

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Now don’t go comparing it with those cheap waterproof camera bags sold in Divisoria and peddled by local beach vendors. I made the mistake of purchasing many of those Ziploc-type of bags in past vacations. Because they’re made of cheap, knock-off quality, I was always nervous about bringing them to my snorkeling adventures. I was constantly paranoid and would check every minute to see if the water started leaking into the bag. True enough, the plastic tore within a day or week. That’s what you get for a 100-peso (around US$2) product.

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Seaquatix is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and a patented lock system. It’s elastic, resists oil, grease, solvents, chemicals and abrasion. Made in Australia, each Seaquatix waterproof bag is IPX8 certified, which offers the highest levels of protection against dust, sand, and liquid ingress. It qualifies as waterproof within the International Protection (IP) rating classifications. Click here for the instructional video.
Speaking of videos, check out this awesome compilation by travel blogger Trav Springer. He used a mix of drone shots and videos from his smart phone—protected by Seaquatix, of course.

I made my own video, too. I took snippets of Inflatable Island using just my iPhone 6s and Seaquatix. Watch my YouTube video here.
To order, visit seaquatix.com or follow them on Instagram @seaquatix for travel inspiration.