35 Filipino Beauty Brands To Love

Happy Independence Day, Philippines! The US may be having a retail meltdown, while foreign beauty brands may be pulling out of the Philippine market, but when it comes to the local beauty industry, we have a growing number of Filipino brands keeping afloat. Here are 35 beauty brands that are proudly Pinoy.


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1. Beauty Bakery
Website: https://www.facebook.com/beautybakeryco
Category: skincare and hair care
The gist: Their products are inspired by your favorite baked treats, but made without parabens, chemicals, or preservatives.

2. Belo Essentials
Website: http://beloessentials.ph
Category: skincare, makeup, and baby care
The gist: Belo Essentials is the official skincare line of celebrity dermatologist Dr. Vicky Belo, with a more affordable price tag to reach a wider target market. Their new makeup line, Belo Cosmeticare, is available at Boardwalk. There’s also Belo Baby for the young’uns.

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3. Bench Body & Bath
Website: http://shop.bench.com.ph/body-bath.html
Category: skincare, makeup, baby care, hair care, personal care, and scents
The gist: Retail giant Bench has a huge selection of budget-friendly bath and body items for all genders. Their gift packs make great last-minute presents.

4. By Nature
Website: http://bynaturehandmadesoaps.com
Category: skincare
The gist: They started with all-natural handmade soaps, but have expanded to other skincare essentials like sunblock, mosquito repellant, and baby salve.

5. CarmenClaire Cosmetics
Website: https://www.carmenclaire.com
Category: makeup, skincare, and hair care
The gist: This indie makeup brand was created by a Pinay “non-girly girl” who prefers her makeup simple, quick, and easy.

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6. Céleteque
Website: http://celeteque.com
Category: skincare, hair care, and makeup
The gist: This derma-approved hypoallergenic brand is great for all skin types.

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7. Coco Body
Website: https://cocobody.com
Category: skincare
The gist: Their VCO products are made from freshly picked virgin coconuts in seaside coconut farms in Southern Philippines.

8. Colourette Cosmetics
Website: http://colourettecosmetics.com
Category: lippies and nail polish
The gist: They were first known for their cruelty-free, all-natural lippies, but have now expanded to nail polish.

9. Cosmetique Asia
Website: http://www.cosmetiqueasia.com
Category: skincare, hair care, and fragrances
The gist: This Filipino corporation is known for mass-produced beauty brands such as Silka, Juicy Cologne, Hairworks, and Bambini.

Spot something new from #EverBilena? ?

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10. EB Cosmetics and Careline
Website: http://www.everbilena.com.ph and https://careline.com.ph/
Category: makeup
The gist: Ever Bilena has upgraded their packaging and quality, making their products more appealing beyond their usual target market. Their little sister, Careline, has been consistent with the teen market.

11. Ellana Mineral Cosmetics
Website: https://www.ellanacosmetics.com
Category: makeup
The gist: Ellana’s products are made to withstand Philippine heat. They even have an eco-friendly refill system, where they sell their refills, palettes, and jars separately to promote reusing them.

12. Fashion 21
Website: https://www.fashion21cosmetics.com
Category: makeup
The gist: Not to be confused with Forever 21, Fashion 21 (or F21) is a makeup line that’s proudly made and distributed in the Philippines. They’re also the same distributor of FS Cosmetics (formerly known as Fanny Serrano Cosmetics). While FS sources their ingredients from Taiwan, the final package is mainly distributed in the Philippines.

13. GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics
Website: http://www.glamboxairbrush.com
Category: makeup and airbrush tools
The gist: For airbrush beginners and MUAs on the go, this is the best place to source your airbrush supplies in the Philippines.

14. Happy Skin Cosmetics
Website: http://www.happyskincosmetics.com/
Category: makeup
The gist: One of the fastest-growing Filipino makeup brands in the country, Happy Skin’s lippie line has a major cult following.

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15. HBC
Website: http://hbc.com.ph
Category: makeup, skincare, bath and body, and hair care
The gist: Hortaleza Beauty Center (HBC) has been around since the ’90s, giving the everyday Filipina a one-stop shop where they can get affordable beauty products.

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16. Hello Gorgeous! by Skinline
Website: https://www.hellogorgeousph.com
Category: skincare, makeup, hair care, and home care
The gist: Their quirky packaging caters to unicorn-loving, adventure seeking millennials.

17. Human Heart Nature
Website: https://humanheartnature.com
Category: skincare, bath and body, baby care, home care, and hair care
The gist: They started out as a Gawad Kalinga social enterprise in 2007. Now, Human Heart Nature is an established and trusted eco-friendly, all-natural, cruelty-free brand.

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18. Ilog ni Maria
Website: http://www.ilogmaria.com
Category: skincare, aromatherapy, and home care
The gist: This honeybee farm in Cavite produces all-natural products like facial scrubs, lip balms, and handmade soaps.

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19. In Her Element
Website: https://www.inherelement.ph
Category: skin care
The gist: Created by Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity, In Her Element is a cruelty-free, all-natural skincare line with a minimalist packaging and ingredients.

20. Jarful of Goodness
Website: https://www.jarfulofgoodness.com
Category: skincare
The gist: Momtrepreneur Melanie Ramos wanted a skincare line that’s handcrafted, all natural, and with no parabens, so she created her own in 2014.

21. Kojie San
Website: https://www.kojiesan.com
Category: whitening skincare
The gist: It sounds Japanese, but this brand is actually Filipino-made. Their Japanese-inspired skincare products cater to the whitening craze.

22. My Prime
Website: https://www.myprimeskincare.com
Category: skincare
The gist: Founded by US-based Filipina Tessa Yutadco, this anti-aging skincare brand uses Philippine-sourced ingredients like pili and moringa oils.

23. Oryspa
Website: http://www.oryspa.com/
Category: skincare
The gist: They make rice bran-based health and beauty products.

24. Pink Sugar Cosmetics
Website: http://pinksugar.com.ph
Category: makeup
The gist: Founded by two brothers in 2014, Pink Sugar stands out with their catchy names and shades. All products are paraben-free and cruelty-free.

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25. Quick FX
Website: https://www.facebook.com/quickfxph
Category: skincare
The gist: Their products come in two sizes: regular-sized tubes that don’t exceed ₱300 and travel sachets that range from ₱55-99.

26. Radioactive Mushrooms In The Forest
Website: https://shop.radioactivemushrooms.com
Category: fragrance and makeup
The gist: This indie brand sells vegan, all-natural products that are handcrafted in a small home studio.

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27. Skin Potions
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Skinpotions/
Category: skincare and makeup
The gist: They’ve been making the buzz online, thanks to their acne-fighting skincare products and other quirky makeup inventions.

28. Snoe Beauty
Website: http://www.snoebeauty.com
Category: skincare, hair care, and makeup
This gist: Known for their cheeky vintage packaging, Snoe Beauty’s wide array of products target different beauty woes, like pores, uneven skin tone, and body odor.

29. So True Naturals
Website: https://sotruenaturals.com
Category: fragrances, mom and baby care
The gist: The “soaperstarmama” behind this brand couldn’t find any Castile soaps in the Philippines, so she decided to manufacture her own. The rest is history.

30. Sooper Beaute
Website: https://sooperbeaute.com
Category: skincare and cosmetics
The gist: A more affordable alternative to the high-end foreign products you usually find in the malls.

31. Suesh
Website: https://suesh.com
Category: makeup, beauty tools, and accessories
The gist: A haven for both makeup artists and newbies, Suesh is the place to get professional makeup tools.

32. The Souk Organics
Website: http://www.thesouqorganics.com
Category: skin care, hair care, aromatherapy, bath and body
The gist: Organic, fairly traded, and eco-friendly, Souk wants to make sure all their elixirs don’t harm the skin. Trivia: They helped start the Moroccan Argan Oil craze.

33. VMV Hypoallergenics
Website: https://www.vmvhypoallergenics.com
Category: makeup, skincare, and body care
The gist: A common misconception is that VMV is a foreign brand, when it’s actually homegrown. They’re known for hypoallergenic products that are safe for all genders and skin types.

34. Ysabel’s Daughter
Website: http://ysabelsdaughter.com
Category: bath and body
The gist: 100% natural and synthetics-free, their products are derived from one key ingredient—honey. Price range is on the high end.

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35. Zenutrients
Website: http://www.zenutrients.com.ph
Category: skincare, hair care, bath and body, and wellness
The gist: Their products are handcrafted, all-natural, non-allergenic, and easy to find because they have several stores all over Manila.
Which of these brands have you tried? Got any more Filipino beauty brands to add to my list? Share them in the comments section below.
June 12, 2017


  1. Luis wrote:

    Colourette Cosmetics are great! So looking forward to more releases from the Kings.

  2. Jenny wrote:


    I am using green Silka lotion ever since and I can say that it whitens my skin though it takes time to see a visible result. The smell is pretty good too.

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