Millennial Traveler’s Wish List

For the typical millennial (or milleXial like myself), these type of videos pop up on your social media feed regularly. They’re hyped-up videos of the latest inventions guaranteed to make your travels easier, and not to mention, cooler. You’ll see an endless string of comments, such as “Want!” and “Need!” followed by tagged friends who will also want and need the said product.

Never mind that the price tag is higher than your budget airline ticket. Never mind that the commenters didn’t bother to research and realize that it’s still in Kickstarter stage. Never mind that the expensive prototype has a dozen kinks to iron out. Never mind that copycats have already created bootleg versions.

Everything in this list is beyond my budget, but I “Want!” and “Need!”

A 14.5-lb. carry-on suitcase with collapsible shelves, giving you only 4.5 free lbs. left for your actual belongings
From ShelfPack, $349

Sushi suitcase cover, which will look cool on the luggage conveyor belt only if everyone else in the flight uses one
From Parco, $69

Your annoying face on a spandex luggage cover
From Firebox, $26-39

Disposable stick-on foot pads, because… pseudo-barefoot is the new barefoot
From NakeFit, $34 for 10 pairs

Adjustable travel face pillow to avoid falling asleep on a stranger’s shoulder
From FaceCradle and Amazon, $59.95

Luggage jacket with 14 pockets so you can go luggage-free and look like Inspector Gadget
From Airport Jacket, approx. $180+

Rideable motorized carry-on suitcase for Peter Pan in a business suit
From Modo Bag, approx. $1,495

Robot suitcase that follows you like a dog and trips other passengers
From TravelMate Robotics, $1,099-1,495

Flexible cartoon hand travel pillow for free endless hugs
From MonPère, $79+

Inflatable travel pillow for front sleepers and anti-social passengers
From Woollip, approx. $58

Infinity pillow for infinite sleeping positions
From Huzi and Amazon, $39

4-in-1 t-shirt, but please wash it after every use
From Uztzu, approx. $120

Travel washing machine to improve backpackers’ hygiene
From Scrubba and Amazon, $55-99.75

Inflatable hoodie to help you sleep anywhere and anytime (but you may get mistaken for a bum)
From Aros and Amazon, $59-248

Portable chairs that you can fold and store in your pocket (balance not guaranteed)
From Sitpack and Amazon, $55

A kawaii cat suitcase with cute (creepy?) moving ears
From Fravel, $359-599

What’s on your travel gadget wish list?

Featured photo courtesy of Pixabay

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