Quiz: Are You A Souvenir Hoarder?

As if the clutter in our homes isn’t enough, insatiable travelers such as myself have to deal with one more problem that will make minimalists cringe: What do we do with all the souvenirs? I grew up seeing them all—the commemorative Hong Kong plate with a family photo (Hello, gen X and older millennials!), an “I love Vegas” magnet from a relative, a fading concert ticket pinned on a corkboard, and many other remnants of travel scattered around the house.

While I have been trying to cut down on souvenir shopping, I’ll be honest with you: I can’t help it! The happy endorphins of travel make me want to hoard all those cute trinkets. It’s especially hard for Filipino travelers because of the pasalubong culture we grew up with—where we have to buy “a little something” for every relative and friend after the trip. They also give us something in return, further adding to the clutter.

Can you relate? Take this fun quiz and share your results in the comments section below.

  1. “Extreme Hoarder” is my result on the quiz! Lols can totally relate with you on hoarding as many souvenir as I can. Kahit saan ako mag-punta, either vacation/travel or simpleng pag-bisita lang to those places I’ve never been before, I always make sure to score something for my realatives, friends or kahit para sa sarili ko lang. 😂 Kaso yun nga lang, simple souvenir lang madalas kong nabibigay because I’m very tight with regards on budgeting. Pero mas prefer ng bestfriend ko na tawagin akong “kuripot” haha, but honestly I don’t get offended ‘coz its true. Kasi for example, pag mag-bbeach kami bibili ako ng souvenir for my family and some close friends and thats it. Then my souvenir to myself is picking a few shells, and if I may add those that are “attractive, colorful and unique” hehe choosy pa. 😅 Kaya as I mentined even small and simple happy na ko, as long as I have something that would remind me of places i’ve been to.

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