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Welcome to Kate Was Here, a blog about travel, beauty, and quirks.

The year 2007 was a defining point in my life. Working at what I thought was a dream job as fashion and beauty editor, I realized I had bigger dreams of traveling. It wasn’t as easy as packing my bags and jet-setting around the globe. Growing up in a strict and overprotective family, and not to mention, having a Filipino passport that requires a VISA to most destinations in the world, my itch to travel tested my commitment. But my gut told me I just had to do it.

I started with New York, a city I’d never been to in my life. Amidst getting lost in dark alleys, renting an apartment with strangers, getting cast for a Broadway talent agency, and nearly getting mugged in broad daylight, I grew up. I returned to the Philippines a stronger woman and smarter traveler.

Back in Manila, I struggled with finding a job that didn’t require being in an office from 9-5. I wanted to build my ultimate dream: a multi-faceted career of lifestyle journalism, modeling, acting, and my passion for travel.

I launched this blog in 2011, the same year I landed modeling projects and my first indie film while working as a freelance journalist in the Philippines.

My younger self would be proud to see that I busted out of my comfort zone and built a life outside the box.

I currently work as the managing editor of BDJ Box, health and beauty writer of Cosmopolitan, and contributor to other publications. I continue to act and model on the side.

These days my interests include: coffee shops, Yoga, festivals, musicals, collecting quirky things, shading off my travel map, and playing with makeup. I’m not ashamed to admit that after all these years, I still buy magnets whenever I travel. Like most Filipino travelers, I buy loads of pasalubong and can pack a sturdy balikbayan box. I go home to 4 rescue dogs and 8 rescue cats. In my free time, I volunteer as an advocate of mental health awareness and animal rights.

I enjoy telling stories and I hope you’ll like the ones you’ll read here.

Love, peace, and light,

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