Photo by Anton Osmeña

Photo by Anton Osmeña

Welcome to Kate Was Here, a travel and lifestyle blog.

In 2007, I quit my full-time job as assistant fashion and beauty editor to travel alone. I started with New York, a city I’ve never been to in my life. Through the years, I struggled with pursuing freelance writing, my other talents, and balancing them with my itch to travel. I launched this blog in 2011, the same year I landed many modeling and acting projects while working as a freelance writer and editor for different publications in Manila.

Yes, it can be done.

These days, my interests include: Yoga, fiction books, coffee shops, festivals, musicals, collecting magazines of different languages (even if I don’t understand them), kitschy things, and shading off my travel map. I’m not ashamed to admit that I buy magnets whenever I travel. I go home to four rescue dogs and 10 rescue cats. My parents run a funeral parlor and my sister is a pastry chef. I’m an advocate of mental health awareness and animal rights in the Philippines.

I enjoy telling stories. I can find fresh stories anywhere, even in the most popular tourist spots that you may think has been overplayed. If you look and listen carefully, there’s always a new story waiting to be told. I hope you’ll like the ones you’ll read here.

Love, peace, and light,

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