Athens, Greece 2018

Thanks for your interest in my blog. offers three main types of advertising:

1. Brand ambassador
2. Sponsored posts
3. Traditional ads: sidebar, footer, and header


1. I write my own articles from scratch. I can’t believe there are who people who publish press releases as is. Gasp!
2. All sponsored posts are properly labeled as sponsored posts. No exceptions.
3. I do not accept paid backlinks.
4. For sponsored posts, I work only with products or brands that I truly believe in. I’m not an influencer. I can hardly influence my own dogs and cats. Biggest no-nos: hair straightening products, glutathione, plastic surgery, wildlife cruelty, and MLM products. Nope, nope, nope.
5. You may send press kits and products, but I have full editorial discretion on how and where these products may be featured. I’m a print journalist by training, so I apply the same principles to this blog.

Disclosure: I use affiliate ads and links in this blog, but only from sites I personally use.

To book me for modeling, acting, and TV presenting, contact Reco Models.

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