10. Get a tan in Waikiki Beach.

15 Ways To Look Like A Tourist in Hawaii

See if you can relate.

Oops, was that me in some of those photos? Okay, I admit it; I unabashedly acted like a tourist during my October trip. I couldn’t help it! It was my first time in Hawaii and I was amazed at how it felt like I was in another planet devoted to tropical paradise. Although I was getting sick of all things floral by my fourth day, I look forward to booking another trip there soon. I met a few locals who are willing to take me to hole-in-the-wall spots—the type where lei-wearing visitors will be chased out of the island with a torch.

photos #4, 7, 8, 12, and 13 by Marco Alvarez. All other photos by KateWasHere.com.