I Plucked a Yadu

There’s a quaint shop that just opened at The Collective called Yadu. It looks like a hidden loft in a forest—like those secret spots you would read about in children’s books. When you enter the wooden door, you’ll see a collection of patchwork bags hanging from tree branches. Each bag is different.

I met one of the owners and designers, Bianca Holganza, who told me that each Yadu bag is made from vintage materials. The designers scour ukay-ukays (Filipino vintage shops) for clothes that have unique fabrics. They patch the fabrics into duffels, backpacks, shoulder bags, wallets, and even guitar cases.

After hours of examining every single bag (yes, I really checked every bag) in the store, I found “the one”—a blue duffel named Siva. I bought it for an introductory price of P1,650. A similar design now costs P3,000.

Siva soon joined my travels, beginning with Hawaii. Now pluck your own Yadu from the branch and make it yours.

Yadu is located at The Collective. 7274 Malugay St., Makati City, Philippines.