Papemelroti Fan Since The ’90s

“Papemelroti is back!” I shrieked when my sister told me that the iconic ’90s stationery store reopened in Glorietta, Makati last year. The timing is just right. We now live in an eco-conscious era where people prefer paper products to plastic. “Vintage” is also the new “it” word. What can be more vintage than a Papemelroti store?

I headed to Papemelroti Glorietta and found myself happily strolling down memory lane. They still carry the same items that I hoarded back in my schoolgirl days—notepads made of recycled paper, sentimental figurines that I would buy as presents for friends and family, affordable calendars, and inspirational wooden trinkets.

There are new collections as well—stacks of boxes made of earth-friendly materials, hippie jewelry, scrapbooking materials, and lightweight furniture. I could spend long afternoons scouring the store.


Many years ago, I remember doing some spring-cleaning and renovating. I needed to give my childhood bedroom a more mature vibe. The first thing to go was my collection of Papemelroti figurines and kiddie souvenirs. I was sad to part with them, but my sister convinced me that I had to clear my room of junk and old souvenirs.

You know what they say: Old habits die hard. These days I would drop by Papemelroti and find myself irresistibly buying paper and wooden crafts. Don’t worry; this time I shop for more useful items such as desk calendars and earrings. Sometimes I would visit the store just to get a surge of inspiration, especially when I have writer’s block or when I need a creative boost. There’s just something about paper products that the digital world can’t provide.

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