Quirk of the Month: Eco Booklet

Eco geeks such as myself revel in positive developments in eco living, whether it’s a global philanthropic project or a small community endeavor. I was browsing through my favorite eco store Papemelroti when I came across this 4”x4” booklet, Super Earth Saver! for sale at P69.75 each.

It’s 64 pages of fun recycling ideas and junk art projects. Although most of the projects are the types that school kids would do in their art classes, there are a few artsy ideas that grownups would love to show off in their homes.

The projects I’ve personally done include: a garden candleholder made of old jars and bohemian denim bags made of old, worn-out jeans. If you’re a grade school art teacher, get a copy of this booklet to get your kids started on eco-friendly projects.

Mother nature would be proud.

June 5, 2011