Taal volcano

In-flight Entertainment: Topography

Contrary to popular belief, a private plane ride isn’t as glamorous as a Casablanca movie. As I’ve learned from my first Cessna flight, it’s hard work.

But the view is incredible. You will never see such beautiful cloud formations, sunsets and topographical sights if you’re riding commercial.

One of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands. Unfortunately, I forgot which one. I snapped this photo as soon as we entered Cebu’s zone.
Approaching Aklan
High above Luzon, en route to Visayas
The pilots refer to these as non-threatening clouds.
From my window, I could see the Cessna’s non-retractable wheel
Angeles City, Pampanga
Somewhere between Corregidor and Bataan
See the claw-like shape? That’s Cavite.
Taal volcano
See the rainbow on the horizon?
Leaving Aklan
Sibuyan Sea
Visayas Region
Somewhere in Western Visayas
Kalibo, Aklan