Pili tarts, P50/bag

Quirk of the Month: Daet Goodies

It’s a Filipino thing to give “a little something from your trip.” We call it the art of pasalubong. Whether it’s an origami set from Japan or an “I love New York” shirt from Manhattan, it’s always a good idea to give pasalubong to your family and friends as soon as you get home from your trip.

Before heading home from Calaguas two weekends ago, my fellow Manila tourists and I stopped over to purchase local sweets from the market. My mother’s side of the family is from Daet, so I’m familiar with the town’s bestsellers.

I bought the exact items my grandparents would buy for me when I was a little girl. They’re unbelievably affordable, so I filled up my baskets with helpings of these:

Pili tarts, P50/bag
Uraro stars, P10/bag (mug of coffee not included)
Uraro cookies, P15/bag
Pili lenguas, P5/small pack

I’m having Calaguas Island withdrawal symptoms, so these goodies will pacify me for now.

June 26, 2011