This reminds me of Brooklyn apartments.

Room of Requirement: Behind The Scenes of My New TV Commercial

Check out my latest TV commercial for Modess Ultrathin:

You probably didn’t notice, but the first few seconds of the commercial was shot in a room in El Hogar, one of the most popular old buildings in Binondo, Manila.

Thanks to its vintage Filipino architecture, El Hogar has become a famous spot for shooting local music videos, movies, soaps operas, and TV advertisements. We spent two long days shooting “Project: Obvious” in April. Day 1 was in Alabang Town Center, where we spent most of the day playing at Timezone. I felt like I was in high school again. Well, I did play the role of a teenager!

Day 2 was in Regina Building in El Hogar, where one abandoned room was transformed into this:

This reminds me of Brooklyn apartments.

Mad props goes to stylist Debbie Singson-Villanueva, who was not only in charge of the models’ wardrobes, but was also the creative mind behind the interiors of the room. When I stepped into the set, I was amazed at how she managed to turn an old empty space into what looks like a cross between an artsy Brooklyn loft and a creative student’s room.

Now check out the rest of the set and what went behind this fun TV commercial shoot.

The view: Binondo, Manila
Quiet on the set!
Yours truly, taking a break on the bed
Monkeying around during breaks
If you look closely, the photos are of me and my co-star Luisa. We played best friends. They wanted every detail of the room to be as personal as possible.
At Timezone, Alabang Town Center for Day 1 of the shoot. Check out this cool camera.

Stylist Debbie Singson-Villanueva retouches the set.
I think I’ll redecorate my own room and get some ideas from here.
Every detail counts.
Photos galore!
Wood and paper products
Vintage cameras are so hot!

This scene comes out during the first few seconds of the commercial.

Luisa Jimenez on the set
A lot of the props look familiar. I think they’re from Papemelroti, one of my favorite stores.

After director Mark Querubin yelled, “That’s a wrap!” the production crew started tearing down the entire set. I was sad to see this room go. Oh well, that’s showbiz.

Modess TV Commercial Credits:

Talents: Luisa Jimenez and Kate Alvarez (yours truly)
Client: Johnson & Johnson
Product: Modess Ultrathin
Agency: BBDO Guerrero/ Proximity
Production House: 88 Storey Films
Director: Mark Querubin
Stylist: Debbie Singson-Villanueva
Producer: Idda Aguilar/ Aldous Pagaduan