Quirk of the Month: Honolulu Cookies

It’s great to have friends and relatives from different parts of the globe. You can always ask them to buy you a little something from their place when they come to the Philippines to visit. I recently asked a friend from Hawaii to buy me a box of Honolulu Cookies.

Yes, I was one of those tourist types who unabashedly purchased hoards of Honolulu Cookies before flying home. I was first introduced to these famous pineapple-shaped shortbread cookies when someone gave me a box as a present last year. In November, I booked my first trip to Hawaii where “buy Honolulu Cookies” was a priority on my itinerary.

I brewed a mug of macadamia-flavored coffee, opened my tin box of 32 assorted flavors, and happily daydreamed of snorkeling in Hanauma bay while absorbing the Waikiki sun. Aah…

July 9, 2011