The Vintage Hall

A Stroll Down Memory Lane in Tagaytay

Escaping to Tagaytay during the holidays has become a tradition for my family, but the crowds that would gather at Robinsons Place and the commercial establishments along Aguinaldo Highway is ridiculous. I personally think that Tagaytay doesn’t need another fast food chain. What it needs are more homey cafes and restaurants that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This is where the likes of Memory Lane come in. Launched last year by former child star Jolina Magdangal and her family, Memory Lane is a country diner, beauty salon, and gift shop nestled along Magallanes Drive in Tagaytay. I paid my first visit to Memory Lane two weekends ago and it was a pleasant experience.

The Vintage Hall

Gazebo area

I spent most of my time browsing the trinkets at the gift shop, which reminds me a lot of my favorite eco and stationery store, Papemelroti. They sell wooden and paper products, as well as keychains and souvenirs from the owner’s travels all over the globe.

Adjacent to the gift shop is the country diner, decorated with ’50s and ’60s memorabilia, including an old school telephone and wooden TV set from the ’60s. I loved the rockabilly music that they would play and the vintage vibe you’d feel throughout the place, except for the scanned-and-printed (or was it downloaded?) movie posters framed on the walls, which I found a bit feeble. Couldn’t they have purchased legitimate vintage movie posters online?

Cyprus kebab with vegetable salad and pita bread, P245
Turon a la mode for dessert, P85

Shuffle mode
The gift shop
The ’50s-style beauty parlor offers services such as hair spa treatments (P850+) and hair and makeup (P990).

For lunch, I ordered a glass of dalandan juice and Cyprus kebab with vegetable salad and pita bread. The menu was a mix of diner fare and Filipino favorites. On the last few pages of the menu, you’ll find a list of services offered at the beauty salon and spa. I realized I should have booked a massage before my heavy meal.

The beauty salon and spa is a lovely addition to the homey establishment. It’s just too bad that people go there mainly to take a zillion pictures at the vintage hall and lovers’ lane. The place has so much potential and it could develop into something grander. I wouldn’t be surprised if it one day turns into a quaint wedding reception venue.

Memory Lane is located at Magallanes Drive, Tagaytay City, Philippines.
Telephone number: +6436-483-2479 or +63922-8298486
Tagaytay is about 60 km/37 miles south of Manila or an hour’s drive from Ninoy Aquino International Airport.