Price tag: SG$5.90/ AU$4.95/ NZ$5.90

Quirk of the Month: kikki.K Stickers

This Swedish home and office stationary store was founded by entrepreneur Kristina “Kikki” Karlsson almost a decade ago, but I first laid my eyes on a kikki.K store in Singapore just last month. Where have you been all my life?

Price tag: SG$5.90/ AU$4.95/ NZ$5.90

Since 2001, kikki.K stores have been set up all over Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, and Singapore, giving customers a fashionable collection of stationery products and creative gifts.

With only a few minutes to spend in the store that day (I was on a tight tourist schedule, wink, wink), I had to quickly purchase an item of my liking. Oh, I could have stayed in kikki.K for hours, just browsing through the cutest things! But I did narrow down my choice to one good find—Life’s Little Stickers, two sheets of thumbnail-sized appointment stickers that you could use for calendars and organizers.

Kikki.K in Ion Orchard

Here’s to wishing that kikki.K expands her market to the Philippines.

Visit for online shopping, to see a list of kikki.K stores, or to just get a whiff of inspiration.

October 2, 2011