With Oli Pettigrew of Sony Lifestyle

Sony Lifestyle: Behind The Scenes

How times flies.

July 27—I see a promo on AXN Asia about their search for Oli Pettigrew’s three new co-hosts on Sony Lifestyle TV Magazine. Interested applicants from all over Asia are invited to send their audition video and application form to Singapore. With about a week left before the deadline, I ask my friends from Stellar Atelier to help me come up with a knock-em-dead audition video.

With Oli Pettigrew of Sony Lifestyle
I can’t believe I won the co-host search!

July 30—Photographers/videographers Ago Coronado and Karlo Roño shoot my video.

August 5—Two days before the deadline, I email my video and official application form (about a dozen pages long) to Sony Singapore.

August 18—I get an email from Sony informing me that I’ve made it to the top 15. I hyperventilate and my boyfriend’s eardrum is nearly damaged when I call him up and scream for joy.

August 22—The AXN Asia website launches an online voting campaign for the top 15 candidates.

September 26—I get another email from Sony informing me that I’ve made it to the top 6 and will be auditioned by Oli Pettigrew and the Sony Lifestyle crew via Skype in the Sony Philippines office.

That’s a wrap! A group shot with the Sony Lifestyle crew.

September 29—I get interviewed by Sony Singapore via Skype at Sony’s Pasig headquarters.

October 3—I get a phone call from Sony Singapore informing me that I’ve made it as the co-host. I scream profusely and apologize to Caroline Bone of Sony for busting her eardrums.

October 5-9—I hang with the Sony Lifestyle crew and we shoot the Manila episodes of Sony Lifestyle season 5. I rediscover Manila as we traverse around Intramuros, Quiapo, and other nearby tourist destinations.

If you missed the November 15 episode on Asian cable TV, watch it on Sony Lifestyle’s site here. Just click on “Season 5, Episode 15.”

Catch Sony Lifestyle TV Magazine every Tuesday, 8:35 p.m. (SG/MYHK/PH) or 7:35 p.m. (JKT/TH) on AXN Asia.