Alternative to Luneta Park

I did a TV commercial for Buddy Crackers in May last year. The venue was Makati Park and Gardens, and although I consider myself a Makati dweller, I needed to check Google maps because I had never heard of the place before.

Like most parks in Makati, the place is discreetly located along one of the city’s busy streets. I realized I may have passed this park a number of times before but just didn’t notice it.

It’s right across the University of Makati, which explains why a lot of students hang out there with lunch bag in tow. There’s an outdoor amphitheater, a gazebo in the middle of a man-made lake, and plenty of lush greenery to make up for the smog and pollution that the metro is known for.

Across the enclosing fence you’ll see the Pasig River and a favela-like residential area. While it’s not pretty a pretty sight, it’s an improvement compared to the dump it used to be years ago.

My impression of Makati Park is that it’s a compact and more nautical version of Luneta Park, the most popular tourist destination in Manila. Since the traffic and tourism in the Roxas Boulevard area can get crazy, Makati Park makes a tamer alternative.

Neighboring Makati residents may also rent their function hall for parties and other events. Though I’m not a fan of cheesy pre-nup photo shoots, the place makes a picturesque backdrop for weddings, films, and fashion shoots.


If, like me, your typical notion of Makati is all about Greenbelt and the commercial establishments, then Makati Park makes a pleasant change in scenery. With no entrance fee, you may drop by anytime between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.

Makati Parks and Gardens is located at:
J.P. Rizal Extension, West Rembo
Makati 1216
Tel. no. +632-899-8977

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