Quirk of the Month: Bambowtie

“Bam-what?” you ask. It’s simple. A bambowtie is a bamboo bowtie.

My Brooklyn-based cousin Nicole Mercado and Yoram Savion of YAK Films were in Manila a few weeks ago. We were hanging out at The Collective where they introduced me fellow artist Dee Jae Pa’este and environmentalist Bryan McClelland who were busy laying out a pile of bambowties on our table. They strung out bambowties on the spot for Nicole, Yoram, and of course, one for me.

L-R: Dee Jae Pa’este, Nicole Mercado, and yours truly rockin’ our bambowties
Two ways to wear a bambowtie: looped tightly around your neck like a formal bow, or hanging loose like a necklace (pictured)

There wasn’t much sales talk needed; the cool design was enough to win me over. But the deal was made sweeter when Bryan explained the science behind the bambowtie.

Each bambowtie is handmade by Tarlac-based community members of Gawad Kalinga, a community development organization in the Philippines. Proceeds of the sales go directly to Gawad Kalinga, which helps fund sustainable projects such as building self-sufficient communities for the poor.

One of the three bambowtie designs
Yoram and his bambowtie, and not to mention, a Mamiya C220 camera
Bamboo bike, a.k.a bambike


The team behind bambowtie sells them for P500-650 each at various events and bazaars around Manila. To know where they’ll be popping by next, visit their Facebook page

Purchase bambowties online at Zalora. And because you visited my blog, you can get a discount of 5% off your Zalora purchases by entering this voucher code: K8WasHere13.

April 16, 2012