Picasas’ Art Studio Tour

The best way to tap into an artist’s mind is to visit his workspace. Watch their process, see how they tinker with their tools, and observe how they navigate through their space.

Lo and behold, the art studio of Paolo Icasas, a good friend of mine since the 7th grade. He gave himself the moniker Picasas. Reverence to Pablo Picasso is intentional. It’s located on the top floor of a loft somewhere in Parañaque City, Metro Manila.


Water tank with a giant sticker of Rene Requiestas

Pao used to have a retail store called Happy Days in Glorietta. He was the original artist who started Pinoy humor graphic shirts, which spawned copycats nationwide. This is the original signage.

Sorry, kids! His Manila studio is not open to the public, but you may see more of his works and commission an artwork through his Instagram account, @paolo_icasas.

June 9, 2012