Calle Crisologo

Most Photographed Location in Vigan

I’ve lost count of the bridal photo shoots, magazine spreads, and Filipino movie scenes I’ve seen that used Calle Crisologo as the backdrop. I visited Vigan for the first time this month, and I finally understood why tourists and artists can’t get enough of this street’s rustic charm.

The kalesa or horse-drawn carriage

The cobblestone street lined with vintage buildings takes one back to Vigan a century ago, back when the Spaniards colonized the Philippines. Whether you choose to do your own walking tour or pay a kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) to take you around the area, you’ll enjoy clicking your camera and gazing at the heritage houses and business shops.

We opted to go on foot, so we missed out on the tour guide’s narration of Calle Crisologo’s different urban legends and love stories, which is fine because you can always turn to Google for that.

If it weren’t for mainstream restaurants such as Reyes Barbeque and Chicken Inasal to remind us that it is indeed the new millennium, a stroll down Calle Crisologo was a romantic trip back in time for my travel buddies and me.

Date of visit: July 2012