My interview with the charming Jonathan Roxmouth, who plays Phantom

Phantom in Manila: Backstage Access

My extensive coverage of Phantom of the Opera’s run in Manila is one of my 2012 highlights. I was at the press launch on Aug. 13 in Diamond Hotel, the technical dress rehearsal on Aug. 24, the press preview on Aug. 28, Gala Night on Aug. 30, the Sept. 13 show with my family, and the exclusive backstage tour on Sept. 14.

My articles have been published on and here in my blog, but with so many photos left in my hard drive, I realized it would be a waste not to share them with the hundreds of fans who can’t get enough of Phantom.

I’d like to give special thanks to my fellow theater lover, Zai Boongaling, who was my photographer during those Phantom encounters, and to Concertus Manila, the PR team behind Phantom in Manila 2012.

Enjoy these backstage photos!

The chandelier is a character on its own.
Rehearsal of the chandelier’s crashing scene. The one-ton chandelier made of plastic beads.
What you don’t see during the show: two guys behind the curtains catch the chandelier and shove it to the stage
The chandelier is tested before each show

Eugene Titus, head of wardrobe, shares the stories behind the costumes
The monkey mask used in “Masquerade”
One of the colorful masks used in “Masquerade”

The Phantom’s “Masquerade” costume

The backstage closet
Can you imagine dozens of cast members coming in and out of this makeshift closet?
Costumes and guides
Costumes by the late designer and Tony Award winner Maria Björnson

Kate was here.

Swing performer Lungelwa Mdezaki and head of wardrobe Eugene Titus

Who wants to place a bid on the music box monkey?

The prompt corner, where stage manager Sandie Bekavac keeps an eye on everyone and everything
The letter box and newspapers used in the “Notes” scene
The elephant used in the “Hannibal” scene
Head of props Bernard Fitzgerald shows us the “Hannibal” poster
Food props used in the Don Juan scene

The stage is polished before every show
The dancers’ dresser area
Orchestral score
The orchestra composed of mostly Filipino musicians
The “Phantom of the Opera” lair scene with Claire Lyon as Christine and Jonathan Roxmouth as Phantom
“Sing for me…”

Claire Lyon as Christine and Jonathan Roxmouth as Phantom perform at the press preview
Jonathan Roxmouth as Phantom
Classically trained Claire Lyon shows off her soprano skills.
“The Music of the Night”
The most colorful but difficult scene, “Masquerade”
The “Masquerade” scene uses a number of mannequins as fillers.


(L-R) Musical supervisor Guy Simpson, Dondi Ong as Piangi, Claire Lyon as Christine, Anthony Downing as Raoul, and Jonathan Roxmouth as Phantom at the first press conference of Phantom
My interview with Claire Lyon
My interview with Anthony Downing, who plays Raoul
My interview with the charming Jonathan Roxmouth, who plays Phantom
The press preview at CCP
Jonathan is interviewed by the press

Date published: September 26, 2012