Organic lamps by the amphitheater pond

Vegan Party, Anyone?

It started with an exciting rumor. A Yoga teacher told a guest who told another guest who told me that Brad Pitt is coming to The Farm on Saturday, November 10, to join their 10th Anniversary party and unveiling of the new Narra Pool Villas, the latest addition to The Farm’s lodging.

Narro Pool Villas

It was an unlikely story, but I couldn’t help but tell another guest who told another guest about it. Soon it became believable—after all, with people flying in from all over the world (celebrities included), it wasn’t impossible for the Hollywood heartthrob to bring his brood to this private, high-end wellness sanctuary to get away from it all.

Entrance to one of the 10 new Narra Villas. Floral wreath not included.

Our little bubble burst when the rumors reached the managers who finally told us it wasn’t true. So much for my Brad Pitt moment.

Mici the dog is part of the welcoming committee.

But the party did have special guests—a few politicians, travel publication editors and writers from different countries, wellness experts, and people like me who happened to be vacationing at The Farm.

My first vegan party was a unique experience. City clubbing and its pretentious red velvet ropes no longer appeal to me, so it was a relief to find out that this party had nothing of that sort. In fact, activities started at 4 p.m., with vegan snacks and herbal tea served in ALIVE! Restaurant.

Trek to the Narra Pool Villas

As soon as the guests arrived, we headed by foot to the Narra Villas for a Catholic blessing of the grounds. At around 5:30 p.m., free-flowing champagne, wine, and cocktails were served—all vegan and organic, of course. The dress code: comfy resort wear. My beach dress, thong slippers, and makeup-free face fit right in. There was no dancing, but they did have acoustic performers to make our lounging around the amphitheater and poolside more entertaining.

The amphitheater
The Farm’s Dr. Mike Vergara and my new friend Sarah from London try out the vegan adobo kebabs.

I believe it’s the first time The Farm has had this much revelry in years. They usually have a policy of no radio or loud music, and silent mode for mobile phones. After the speeches, toasts, and raffle draws were done by 8 p.m. (No, I didn’t win anything, drats!), the party was over.

Mr. Naresh Khattar, one of the owners of The Farm, talks about how he first laid eyes on the farm.

Those of us who were still up for it headed back to the restaurant for a vegan dinner and more chatting with new-found friends and fellow guests. By 10 p.m., we called it a night.

Organic lamps by the amphitheater pond
This is how vegans roll.

Not bad for my first vegan party. Of course, it would’ve been better if Brad Pitt were actually there and I’d try to tell him about the “Bread Pitt Bakery” joke that my late AO loved.