Last Look

I’m checking out of The Farm today. Seven days ago, I came here looking for peace and emotional enlightenment. I did find peace. I was away from it all. Nobody here knew my story, hence no need to retell the events that led to that tragic day. It’s like I was a different person. The Farm provided escape, or better yet, shelter from the pain.

During my horticulture walk the other day, one of their employees, Mang Elmo, led me to an area between the reception hall and the new Narra Villas. He said that Buddhists monks who would visit The Farm are always drawn to that part of the greenery. The monks sensed an open flow of positive energy coming from the ground. They hereby dubbed that grassy piece of land as “The Heart of The Farm.” Monks would meditate there for hours, absorbing as much light and positive energy as they could.

Yesterday I went there alone to see for myself what Mang Elmo described as a place of openness and good chi. As a gifted spirit, I wanted to understand what led those monks to that place. I’ll keep my experiences to myself, if you don’t mind.

But I will share with you photographs that I took of this place of serenity. I hope that these photos would make you understand why my beloved AO was so enthralled by The Farm.