P1,550 each

Quirk of the Month: Juice Box Camera

This cute little thing arrived in the mail yesterday.

The latest addition to my camera collection, this compact film camera disguised as a school kid’s juice box screams J-Pop. Made by Japanese store Fuuvi and distributed in Manila by Tetropack, this camera is old school but cool. It uses a 35mm film, 1/100 shutter speed, 28mm lens, and F/9.5. I guess I’ll be doing mostly outdoor shoots with this one.

Dimensions: 63.5 (L) × 33.6 (W) x 99.8 (H) mm
P1,550 each

There are only a few designs left, so if you’d like to get your hands on one, start clicking!

Other juice box camera designs. Photo from fuuvi.com.
For my test shoot, I used a 200 ISO film.

What are your quirkiest gadgets?

February 21, 2013