Essence’s latest travel collection, “Ready for Boarding”

Essence’s Candy-themed Launch

The gals of BDJ Box and I were invited to the Philippine launch of Europe’s no. 1 value cosmetics brand, Essence, at the Intercontinental Hotel last week. The intimate candy-themed event was, pardon the cliché, a sight for sore eyes.

The star of the dessert table: fondant clock cake
Welcome to candyland! The Manila launch was all about rainbow-colored sweets and beauty treats.
Fresh candy and makeup for the picking
Towelettes folded and presented to look like cakes. Clever!
Essence’s latest travel collection, “Ready for Boarding”
Target market: the trendy 14+ age group

As for the beauty loot, I’m doing a review of Essence cosmetics on soon, so please subscribe to the website or follow me on Twitter @k8alvarez for updates.

In the Philippines, Essence is available at Watson’s stores nationwide. For international branches, visit

  1. What a colorful, cute and care-free looking product launch! I am so glad you took pictures and shared your latest experience with us. Not many of us get the opportunity to attend such innovative and ground-breaking events so count yourself as one of chosen few. Lastly, I enjoyed seeing your picture with the BDJ Box managing editor. Your smile was precious and refreshing! I miss you—love Mom Cherry

      1. By now, your make-up arsenal must be formidable! You probably have drawers and baskets full of make-up—what fun! By the time you get to our age, you settle on tried and true lines that work. After years of experimentation, I have discovered that I look best in a “look” that is clean and classic. MAC and Bare Essentials are my faves and a I have a beautiful brush collection. Your face is your canvas. Enjoy!

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