My Landmark loot. In total, these cost less than P1,500 (about $30).

Quirk of the Month: Landmark Novelties

I stopped shopping in Greenhills years ago. I found better places to get similar bazaar items for a cheaper price and better selection. I would find almost the same trendy clothes, generic toys, and novelties for a better deal at department stores and other seasonal bazaars in Manila. I’m guessing they all have the same suppliers.

My go-to place for quirky items and gifts for the past three years has been Landmark. Have you seen their shelves upon shelves of pocket-friendly novelties? Key chains and school supplies for less than P20 each. Artsy photo frames for P100 and less. Vintage home decors for P50 to P1,000. Stationery for P15-30 per pack. Travel-themed journals and stickers for less than P50. The list goes on!

My Landmark loot. In total, these cost less than P1,500 (about $30).

My latest find is a plastic coin bank designed like a rotary dial telephone for only P119. My sister, who’s busy adding the finishing touches to her ’20s-style wedding, purchased most of her decorations and giveaways from Landmark. We would spot similar items at home decor stores and gift shops for almost twice Landmark’s price.

Have you shopped at The Landmark Mall lately? What items couldn’t you resist buying? I need to wear a horse blinder whenever I take the Landmark shortcut from Greenbelt to Glorietta!

January 17, 2014