Emerald City garb

Wicked Souvenirs

Have you seen Wicked in Manila yet? If, like me, you’re a sucker for souvenirs, then you’re the type to buy at least one thing after visiting a tourist location or watching a musical. For the collectors and hoarders, here’s what you can purchase after watching Wicked:

CCP’s souvenir stand was transformed into Oz Dust Boutique.

CD Soundtrack, P1,200
Mug, P600
Playbill, P500
Shirts, P1,000
Baby tees, P1,200
Caps, P500
Green binoculars, P300
Magnet, P300
Keychain, P300
Pin, P250

Overpriced like most souvenirs, but hey, that’s how the broom flies.
Emerald City garb

Items I wish they had:
Miniature witch broom
Poster map of Oz and Emerald City
Flying monkeys (okay, maybe just plush monkeys)
Limited-edition Wicked x MAC makeup sets (MAC is Wicked in Manila’s official makeup sponsor)

Oh, c’mon! If Elphaba can fly off the handle, so can this Wicked fan.

February 8, 2014