Quirk of the Week: Robee Stickers

My childhood in the ’90s was filled with memories of stationery stores and gift shops such as Papemelroti, Gift Gate, and Tickles. Mama would leave my sister and me at those stores while she went about her day. She’d come back for us after an hour or so as we’d have our picks—a sheet of glittery stickers to add to our collection, a new colorful pen, another notepad to write letters on, and other bric-a-bracs to gather dust in my bedroom that’s filled with Sanrio figurines, Happy Meal toys, NBA posters, Lisa Frank pens, and other pop culture icons that defined that era.

Robee Stickers’ Glorietta, Makati

When I visited the newly renovated Glorietta Mall this month, I came across another brand that defined my ’90s schooldays—Robee Stickers. It first opened in 1987 as a humble sticker brand that sold personalized stickers. My classmates and I would look for our names and buy sticker sheets to label our books and notebooks.

What’s in a name?

When I stopped seeing Robee Stickers at the mall, I assumed that they simple folded, like many other brands from my childhood. Turns out they’ve been around all these years, even expanding their services to include personalized calling cards, luggage tags, invitations, and family car stickers.

For old times’ sake, I dropped by their Glorietta branch and purchased a sheet of stickers with my name on it. For only about P10 a sheet, it’s like the ’90s all over again!

What stationery shops do you remember from your childhood?

August 21, 2014