Quirk of the Month: Metallic Tatts

I don’t know exactly who’s responsible for resurrecting this trend. I say “resurrect” because temporary tattoos were all the rage for kids in the ’90s. You were cool if you sported a colorful peace sign, butterfly, or flowers on your arms.

Fast-track to 2014, designers such as Dior and Lulu DK got the attention of fashion editors and Hollywood celebrities worldwide when they came up with jewelry inspired temporary tattoos. Also known as flash tattoos, these metallic designs adorned the arms of Beyoncé, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Vanessa Hudgens, and the trend caught on—pardon the cliché—in a flash.

In September, Lulu DK PH graced the pages of local fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and the Instagram feeds of #OOTD-obsessed girls. Soon, dozens of online shops began selling metallic tatts for a steal. I have a hunch they all get their China-made supplies from Divisoria, Manila, but I wouldn’t dream of visiting Divisoria during the Christmas rush. On Instagram, I clicked on #metallictatts, #flashtattoo, and #metallictattoo until I found Manila-based online shops. Compared to the designer versions that cost between $22-$30 for four sheets, the China-made versions go from P70-P300 (65c-$6) a sheet. The only downside is the risk of ordering from non-verified online shops and getting allergic skin reactions from these knock-offs. But I’m hooked. I purchased my first two sheets from Instagram seller UrbanVogueMNL for P99 (almost $2) a sheet.

My Bohemian accessories are suffering from neglect and jealousy, as I’d rather layer my arms with gold and silver tribal designs. The usual reaction I get is, “Is that a real tattoo?” It glimmers like 24-carat gold jewelry, can pass for a legit tattoo, and stays on for 4-6 days even with rigorous bathing. And if you’re constantly jet-setting or hitting the beach, metallic tatts save you from lugging a set of your favorite accessories.

“Where can I get them?” you ask. Whatever part of the globe you’re in, just google Flash Tattoos, Lulu DK, Dream Tats, and Busy Shimmer, and safely order from their online shops. You can also find them in stores such as Bloomingdales (USA), Adora (Manila), Nothing But Water (Philippines), and many others. On Instagram, click on the hashtags #metallictatts, #flashtattoo, and #metallictattoo to see if there’s an online seller in your area.

Now for some metallic inspiration:

December 8, 2014